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Published Articles that Falsify the current paradigm that the Coconino Formation was deposited as sand dunes above water.

These papers show that what was thought about the Coconino was not based on research in the field. All of the data indicate that the Coconino Formation was deposit as huge sediment flows under water. Yours truly is a coauthor of the third paper:

Sand injectites at the base of the Coconino Sandstone, Grand Canyon, Arizona (USA)
The Petrology of the Coconino Sandstone (Permian), Arizona, USA

Intraformational Parabolic Recumbent Folds in the Coconino Sandstone

Winter 2016 Newsletter Links

Here are links for technical information related to our articles in the Spring, Summer & Fall 2015 and Winter 2016 issues. The three links above serve as our general links. You can look at anti-creation links but they cite very old references regarding the Coconino and creation geologists. Here is the link to the blog about our poster session at the Geological Society of America(GSA) meeting in 2011:

Donald Prothero Blog

Prothero is pretty good at the character assassination of our lead researcher, John Whitmore, as you will see in the blog. I will comment on his comments for which I have first hand knowledge.

1. I was at the poster for the time segments required by the GSA plus I got there early and left late. For a few minutes I looked at other posters but if I wasn't there, one of the the researchers was. In fact, there was almost always two of us at the poster. Many geologists engaged us in discussion that day. A few just gave a quick rant and left. Prothero apparently just walked by and ranted on his blog.

2. John brought about 8 of his students with him to the meeting. Two of them had a poster of their own and they were at their poster all day as we were. It was their original work, not John's. Of course, as their faculty advisor, he assisted with the research and therefore his name was on the poster as a co-researcher. Prothero had a personal poster and a student poster at the meeting the next year and his name was on it, just like John's was on his students' poster.

3. The first link above is a paper by John published in a highly regarded secular professional journal, Sedimentary Geology. The reference was on our poster. Prothero apparently did not read our poster. This is typical of radical atheists when critiquing non-atheists. Creationists have 100s of professional papers published in secular journals.

4. The fact is that we didn't know exactly what we had found at the time. Part of the reason for having posters at meetings like this is to get input on unknown things. At the end of the poster session we had a good idea what we had found because secular geologists with specialties in geological structures (structural geologists) told us what we had found! Many of the neutral geologists we talked to told us this was great evidence of the Coconino being water deposited.

The Science Behind the Origin of Life

This video illustrates the incredible complexity and information dependent processes involved in the storage and duplication of DNA. The creation of life by God, in the person of Jesus, is scientifically supported and the idea of life resulting from laws of physics and chemistry has nothing to do with science...


This video does a superb job of explaining exactly why the creation of life by God, in the person of Jesus, is scientifically supported and the idea of life resulting from laws of physics and chemistry has nothing to do with science...


Radiometric Dating

This humorous rant on radiometric dating is so complete and well done that we just couldn't say it this well ourselves. Check out all of Ian's rants. He puts it so well...


Religion and Church are Good for Kids & YOU & US

If you think divorce is no big deal, "The kids will get over it," you need to read the results of this study as reported on the ultra-liberal Huffington Post. Then read this article on a very large study that shows a link to the children of divorce having twice the likelihood of a stroke. In the comments section you will see individuals whine that they don't like the studies, that the studies are flawed because their experience was different. Scientific studies compute likelihoods, not absolutes. All studies have shown that, on average, children do best when their parents do not divorce. In fact, they do as well when one parent dies as when the parents stay married.

According to a secular researcher, religion is good for kids. Find out why here.

LiveScience report on a study that taking (not sending... taking) your kids to church improves grades (more than parental advanced degrees!), behavior and length of life.

This article explains why conservative people, such as Christians, are happier and nicer that those that are left-leaning.

Recent research has shown that Christians are happier than atheists and agnostics. See the details in our Fall 2008 Creation News Update in the Science News to Learn By article. And... the more Christians pray, the happier we are. Don't worry, be happy... by praying to the God of the Bible and living for Jesus!

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